Why Mustard Oil

The piece of information given in the following write up intends to make you aware about the realities related to various cooking mediums available in the Indian market these days. Instead of going for general information efforts has been made to provide scientific evidences in support of claims regarding advantages of traditional cooking mediums of our country.
In an era when Indian consumers are being bombarded with plethora of false information through the aggressive marketing techniques of Trans-National Corporations (TNCs), it has become pertinent to provide right information so that you can be on guard against the regular supply of false information.
False information about mustard oil is a case in point. It has been observed that in order to promote sale of Soya refined oil and other cooking mediums like sunflower oil etc, the TNCs in association with their Indian arms have tried to create misconception about mustard oil, which otherwise has been the main cooking medium of majority of Indian households.
The propaganda against mustard oil has however started to lose its sheen in the light of the scientific research that has been carried out in recent past.
This write up intends to make you aware about some of the major outcomes of scientific research conducted to find out the qualities of mustard oil. It would help you in having a clear picture before opting for a particular cooking medium.
According to a joint research conducted by prestigious Harvard University (USA) and All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi (India), It has been found that mustard oil is 70% more potent a cooking medium in comparison to imported Soya refined oil, palm oil and other refined cooking mediums as far as reducing the possibilities of Cardiac problem is concerned.
Former head of cardiology department of AIIMS is of the opinion that mustard oil having all the qualities like 8% of saturated fat, 70% unsaturated fat, 10% Laconic acid apart from Phonic, anti-oxidants and photons is the best cooking medium. Giving references of the data of World Health Organisation (WHO), the renowned cardiologist further states that cooking medium with least percentage of saturated fat and maximum percentage of unsaturated fat is the best and mustard oil having both these qualities becomes a natural choice for heart conscious people.
It is not that mustard oil protects only from cardiovascular diseases rather the traditional cooking medium of the country also has qualities which guards from deadly disease, cancer.
Renowned oncologist is of the opinion that mustard oil contains, Slenesothiyoganet, which works as an agent that fights the deadly cancer. This vital substance reduces possibility of stomach and colon cancer.
The oncologist is also of the opinion that mustard oil having sufficient quantity of omega-3 acids reduces the possibility of cancer further in those people who consume it regularly.
Apart from this mustard oil also contains selenium, phytates, zinc, and other such substance, which reduce possibilities of cancer up to 70%.
Scientific finding apart, it is known to one and all that mustard oil has proved to be one of the best preservatives. We can check it out from the fact that from time immemorial this cooking medium is used as a preservative for pickles in crores of households. Moreover our older generation (Dadi Maa) is known to be using it for many other purposes like using it as massage oil and for treating a plethora of common ailments. Our new generation instead of running behind other things should try to learn from their home itself so that they could know the other good qualities of mustard oil. For getting benefits of mustard oil always go for an established brand and don’t fall prey to cheaper options.

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